why can I never remember to update here?

I really need to update here.  It helps keep me accountable.

I went to the gym 3 times this week, which is 3 more times than the 2 weeks before it.  I didn't do any "hard" workouts.  I have to listen to my body and my pounding head.  

I think I gained a few pounds back, which is frustrating b/c I gained them back the week I ate the least and worked out the most.  *sigh*

I just feel so fat and ick and I need to do more cardio so I can lose the fat, but everything makes the head hurt more...... so everything fails.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Feeling a little better

I'm feeling a little better today.  The sun was out and despite the wind and the pollen, I felt better overall.

I did wake up really early at 4, my back and stomach hurting and I couldn't get comfortable.  Ugh.

My food intake was ok; other than the school cookies {I need to go on another cookie ban!} I had a great turkey salad for dinner.  I did a lot of housework; cleaning, vacuuming, moving stuff, recycling old stuff and sorting stuff I don't need or am going to sell.  

Weight was back down a few today.  Phew.

I hope to get to spinning tomorrow!
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I shouldn't let the scale define me, yet I do

I was up like 4 pounds today.  I've been working out and not eating crap this week and I gain weight.  Ugh.  I'm frustrated.  I am going to try to remember to track my food here again, and see if that helps, but then again I lost weight eating crap and not even trying.  I don't get it.  Maybe it was just a fluke.  I have no idea.  I just feel meh now.

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Another good day

Good food wise.  Great spinning class, other than I managed to twist my ankle somehow during it.  [???]

Burned almost 600 calories during class.  I am tired and my legs are sore.  But it's good.

What sucks is my shoulder is killing.  Stupid breasts and gravity. 

I definitely need to call and make an appt. with that plastic surgeon team that's been recommended to me.  It's time to take charge of this, and finally do something about this.  I've wanted to do this for years, so now that I have a recommendation as to who/where to go, I can get started.

Long time update

It's been a while since I have updated.  Whoa.

I'm still in the 180's.  I was 188 the other day; the lowest I have seen was 186.

I am fitting in a 10-12.  My clothes are definitely fitting better.  I had a top on today that usually gapes, and did not.  

I have been working out more, walking and finally getting back to the gym.

Sunday:  32 mins on the treadmill as part of the couch to 5K plan and then another half hour or so on the cybex
Monday:  Walked in and out of Coolidge corner, about 3-4 miles of walking
Tuesday: 40 mins on the elliptical [would have been longer, but time was short today]

I'm trying to eat less, get more protein and fiber.  Some days are better than others.  Working has kept me busy and I think that has a lot to do why I have been able to lose some weight.  Also more coffee LOL.  

I hope to be able to keep this up and lose more weight by the end of the school year.  I would be happy to get to 180 by then, since I lose weight so slowly with the PCOS and the headaches and whatnot.  I will take what I can get.  

EDIT:  Also when I was at work on Saturday I was asked how much I weigh- over 200?  I said no, and the kid was like what 199?  I joked it off but I was kind of ticked off.  *sigh*

Still trying to make this right

I'm still trying and struggling.  I have lost 20 pounds since August, which is great.  I need to get focused and stop eating crap with no value in it.  I need to try harder.  I know I do.  I have been working so much and when I get home I cant get motivated to do a thing.  

So this week I am going to try to work out more and eat better.  I'm going to make sure I eat fruits and veggies and less processed foods and try green monster smoothies. 

Knowing you can do something and choosing to do it are such different things. 

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I've been working out more.  More is more than none, and I will take what I can get.  My  head has been KILLING again so I have been taking it easy the past 2 days and I have been working like crazy.  

But I am excited that the scale will keep going down.  

A long overdue update

Wow.  It has been well over a month since I have updated here.  That shows where my mindset has been.  It has not been on weight loss or fitness.  It's been on pain, exhaustion and feeling like utter crap, to be perfectly honest.  I have been ridiculously depressed since TEOT.  I have been in a lot of pain.  I have been just flat out exhausted, where all I want to do is sleep, sleep, sleep.  I haven't gained any weight, nor have I lost any.  When I was at the doctor I was still at 191.  I haven't weighed myself since with the fact I've had my period and issues with my digestive system courtesy of narcotics.  [YES TMI KNOW]  But I am not weighing myself until both of those things have been rectified.  LOL.

This week I am on vacation.  Today I woke up at 7 am, wide awake and ready to go.  It's probably the first time I've woken up and felt "good" in sometime.  [of course right now I feel like crap] I got up and had breakfast and headed out to get more protein powder.  I then went to to the chiro and then *gasp*, the gym.  It's been a while since I have had a good, hard workout, so I actually got there in time for a Pilates class, which I thought was a good way to get back into it.  It wasn't a "killer" workout.  However, it let me stretch out after the adjustment and it felt good.  It was also taught by my favorite instructor, so it was a win/win.  I soaked in the hot tub after.  I had thought about working out more after the hour class, since I hadn't burned a ton of cals, but while I was waiting for my smoothie, I could feel my legs twitching, and I was glad I stopped when I did.  I don't want to burn myself out before I get started again.  

So this week my goals are to work out at least 4 times and eat well, or better than I have.  Since the pain has been *slightly* less, I hope I can make though this week ok.  I have .5 of a pill left so I need to see my new neuro ASAP.  I will be calling them hourly until I get what I want.  LOL.  

I will be trying to update here every day from now on again.

January 2010

 So far it's been a mediocre start to the new year.  My head had been killing with all the crying over the demise of 10.  I haven't really been thinking about food or exercise or anything which is horrid.  I did do some snow shoveling today.

Tomorrow I hope I feel well enough to get back on track, buy some groceries and go to the gym

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Food/exercise update 12/30/09

 Today was ok.  I was feeling a little better so I was able to go to the gym.  Not much, just biking for 50 mins but better than nothing.  Weight is still steady.  Tomorrow is spa day so I don't know if there will be any gym time, since it closes early, but I may walk about after spa time around Watertown square or walk the mall or something....

food log:
crackers and chicken noodle soup

greek fat free yogurt and choc. chips

scrambled eggs
2 pieces of string cheese
english muffin